You can be mean and still sound rational

A recent article published here on Occasional Planet stated that the Republican debates last Thursday night were not as much of a clown car as expected. A friend of mine watched the Republican debates and had a similar take on how the Republicans sounded. However, the realities of the world in which we live came … Read more

Trump knows how to reform campaign finance

Earlier this week I received one of those odious phone calls with a political candidate asking for, you guessed it, money. I wish that solicitation calls were on the EPA watch list for harmful pollutants that damage our environment, but sadly, such is not the case. Donald Trump seems to have solved the problem of … Read more

Iran Nuclear Deal too complicated for TV commercials

A new CNN / ORC poll just revealed that the majority of Americans want Congress to reject the nuclear deal with Iran that the Obama Administration negotiated. This is a shift from April, 2015 when the majority favored approval of the deal. It might be farcical that the American people are asked their views on … Read more

After TPP, Obama may have a tough time convincing some on Iran deal

Like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the nuclear deal between Iran and five other countries including the United States is complicated, and the devil is in the details. When we’re talking about centrifuges, yellow cake, and a host of other components, it is very difficult for the layman to assess the trustworthiness of the agreement. In … Read more

Hillary can do what Barack could not: Winning women over to a progressive agenda

In the worst nightmare for progressives, Hillary Clinton will become president and be a tool of Wall Street and other entrenched interests. The flip view is that Clinton will bring about progressive transformation in ways that Barack Obama never could. The real question is whether Hillary Clinton wants to lead women to the left in … Read more

Department of Education promotes racketeering and Jim Crow in schools

There is so much that the federal government could do in education. Besides taking the obvious first step of reducing student loan rates to those given by the Fed to commercial banks, it could take steps to equalize spending across the nation for public schools, use its influence to reduce the shackles of strict certification … Read more